Dates for 2021:

Friday 27th August - Monday 30th August 2021

Welcome to the home of the Silz Festival which offers the unique blend for a hockey festival with:

  • All facilities on one site

  • The option to play in either

  • 11-a-side on Astroturf

  • 8-a-side Tournament on Grass

  • 8-a-side Festival on Grass

  • Reduced cost per person the more players you enter

Covid 19

We are very hopeful that by August Bank Holiday any restrictions etc will be lifted regarding Covid 19. However, we do reserve the right to include any additional measures as we so fit to ensure the festival can happen. We will ensure that any of this guidance is shared BEFORE asking anyone to pay their full fees, as after the full amount has been paid we cannot refund your payments. If, when seeing any additional measures we have to put in place to make the festival happen, you choose to withdraw, we will provide a full refund of your deposit. Potential requirements:

  • Every player to provide Covid test result and/or any "passport" as required by the government

  • Limitations on camping spaces

  • Reduced evening "party" options