Our Story & Team

In 2004 Silver Springs Winery opened their doors to the public with a small selection of wines and a small bar to serve them on. Customers were immediately greeted with smiles as they walked into the wine-makers actual house. Some may remember the quaint red top bar, purple walls and sauce always on the stove. Wine tastings were personalized to each person’s unique taste, and the family wine history was shared.

After operating over a decade, in the small, single-room winery, Silver Springs was ready to grow!

This is a picture of the old, single-bar wine tasting room.
This is a picture of the exterior of the old winery, prior to the addition.

In 2016 Silver Springs broke ground for a new, much larger tasting room. Skip forward to Fall 2017, the new building boasts wall to wall tongue and groove locally milled oak walls and a hippie-like atmosphere. With hard work and pure determination Silver Springs Winery finally opened its doors with the same red top bar, and the same customer standards.

This is a picture of the interior of the newly constructed wine tasting room.
This is a picture of the newly constructed addition with the new tasting room.

The winery specializes in custom built tastings, with over 30 different wines. Staff guide customers through an interactive wine tasting flight, personalized around their likes, while also educating them on the history of the winery and its wines.

Five miles north on State Route 414 in Burdett, NY, Silver Springs’ tie-dye car and hand carved peace sign landmarks are sure to catch your eye. Stop in and enjoy a flight with their family, and have the best time on Seneca Lake!

The Family Business Thrives ~ Owners

This is a picture of Kimmie and Don, owners of Silver Springs Winery.  They are standing close together in the winery and are holding their dog.  Both Don and Kimmie are smiling.  Winemaking is part of a family business at Silver Springs Winery.

Father & Daughter Duo

Don Giovanni & Kimmie

Owners, Don and Kimmie, are standing inside the winery with big smiles on their faces and peace signs with the hands.  They are each wearing an iconic Silver Springs Winery shirt that can be purchased at the winery.

Continuing Traditions

Don Giovanni & Kimmie

Family Bonds

Sarah joins the team

Our Staff


Another staff member and part-owner is Sarah.  Her black and white close-up picture shows off her eyes and a whimsical smile.


A black and white close-up of Gayr shows a playful man with a big heart.  He is wearing a collared, button-down, dress shirt.  Gayr has short curly hair, green eyes, and a quick smile on his face.


In this black and white close-up picture, Nick is shown.  Nick is in his early 20s with short blond hair and blue eyes.  He is laughing in the picture and his eyes are a little squinting as a result.


Sam is also a young staff member at Silver Springs Winery.  She has long wavy hair and a soft smile on her face.


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