Case Club Membership

Kimmie's Case Club Information

  • One-Time $20 subscription fee when you first sign-up.

  • 20% Discount applied to all bottle sales.

  • 2 Free Tastings, a $20 value, with your in-store visit.

  • Every 10th case purchased receives 30% off.

  • 2 cases (24 Bottles) must be purchased during your 1-year subscription to avoid a cancellation fee.

  • A $50 cancellation fee will be applied, if you have not purchased your two case requirement for the year.

  • Discounts are valid for Case Club Members only.

  • We ship exclusively to NY, PA, and NJ.

This includes a button that reads, "Join Now." The button has a hyperlink that takes you to the sign-up form for the Case Club Membership.