Our Services

As experienced entertainers and animal trainers, we understand, first hand, the importance and impact that reliable and talented acts have on both customer satisfaction and the bottom line of any event. We offer a variety of professional animal services to meet your needs:

Camel Adventures at the Lonesome Chicken Camel Ranch (lodging available): Come out to our 70 acre farm to meet our extraordinary dromedaries. Pet a camel, meet a camel, brush a camel and then take a camel ride through our magical North Florida woodlands. The unique and unforgettable adventure you’ve been looking for! (See our lodging options on airbnb: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/45928931?source_impression_id=p3_1606680649_A%2FauL%2BYyoeXcIuUH)

Camel Rides at Events, Festivals, and Fairs: We have been providing daily camel rides at festivals, events, and fairs for over 20 years with an impeccable safety and animal care record. Few audiences want to miss their chance to drive a Dromedary.

Living Nativity Scenes: Our camels are available for living Nativity scenes. Our handlers will be happy to dress the part as well. If desired, our camels can also provide camel rides.

The Puppies of Penzance: This brisk, energetic act takes audiences on a jolly trip on a pirate ship manned by pups. Always a favorite, audiences will be blown away by this merry band of mutts and will watch with bated breath to see if Poochie will really walk the plank.

(See: https://youtu.be/PC5fYgwTEMA)

Carolyn Rice, successful animal trainer and performer, can also offer an educational demonstration performance to accompany her Puppies of Penzance act where she demonstrates how to teach simple tricks to any dog and how to connect and communicate with your dog through clear and simple methods.

Robem Good and his Merry Mule: This highly educated mule answers math problems and abashes Robem at every turn. This is an act that evokes knee slapping belly laughs as well as wonder and astonishment, even drawing repeat viewers as audiences attempt to understand how the Mule completes such erudite tasks! (See: https://youtu.be/M2bqlkDWUP0 )

Other Animal Acts: We have trained elephants, tigers, zebras, horses, hippos, llamas, ducks, and other animals. We continually update our acts and may be able to provide other acts upon request.