In Between Spaces

Booking Information and Technical Requirements for venues

This work is ready to tour outdoors and in Covid-Safe venues

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A new collaboration between Signdance Collective and Transmitter Performance ​with 73DegreeFilms and LMM Productions Directed by Ozan Gokmen Outdoor adaptation - Goro Osojnik

In Between Spaces

The story follows a journeys of 5 characters perambulating in a world outside of time.

Are they the first humans on Earth? Are they the last?

Are they even human or just echoes of a digital mind?

Among hopes of sunny days and memories of bus trips and alleyways, their paths mirror one another - will they ever meet, or will there always be space between them?

In Between Spaces is a live show which combines image, music and dance-theatre to create a unique experience for an audience.

The show is accessible for Deaf and hearing audiences and has both creative subtitling and sign theatre throughout the production . Both these elements are integral to the performance rather than an add-on . In Between Spaces works with image mapping where the characters move from real to digital to create a sense of time travel .

Tech Spec; In Between Spaces

Requirements -

Venue Provides Performance Space .We use Image-Film Projection and Live Music in this performance

The company Brings projection stands, mics, mic stands projection cloth,projector,lighting set

The Company has it's own projector

Venue Provides Guitar Amp and venue or outdoor Sound System

Sound comes from

1.The guitar* live

2.The computer or projector

3.The microphones *live

Venue Provides One Dressing Room/ A place to change into costumes

Venue provides Table for the computer to play films at front of stage

Lighting & Sound -If the show is indoors the venue provides-

4-6 side lights SL & SR

4-6 lights top diagonal front crossed which do not hit the screen

Indoors the venue provides-

*Theatre technician to run the lighting for the show. It is a very simple design with 4 states

*Sound technician to help with sound levels

Get in- 3 hours Minimum /4 hours Max

Get out- 1 Hour

Please send us a photo of the venue or space


Same get in & get out

We can work on any surface

We use our own lighting

We need sound system from the venue

Access ; David is profoundly Deaf and has partial sight .He cannot see in dark places and so we need some little guidance lights back stage .

Isolte Avila is physically disabled cannot walk far & needs a chair on stage or outdoors to rest .

Contact Isolte Avila ( Languages- English, Spanish,French, Italian Sign)

or Angelina Schwammerlin (Laguages -German, English, French ,Sign )

Collaborators - Signdance Collective Transmitter Performance 73Degree Films

Director Ozan Gokmen

R&D Supported by Arts Council England, Bornova Municipal Theatre Margarite & James Kaplan LMM Productions and Wycombe Arts Centre