In Between Spaces


Booking Information and Technical Requirements for venues

Work In Progress .This show will start touring Autumn 2019


This is a new collaboration between Signdance Collective and Transmitter Performance ​with 73DegreeFilms Directed by Ozan Gokmen



The story follows a journeys of two souls perambulating in a world outside of time.

Are they the first humans on Earth? Are they the last?

Are they even human or just echoes of a digital mind?

Among hopes of sunny days and memories of bus trips and alleyways, their paths mirror one another - will they ever meet, or will there always be space between them?

Projekt Z is a live show which combines image, music and dance-theatre to create a unique experience for an audience.

The show is accessible for Deaf and hearing audiences and has both creative subtitling and sign theatre throughout the production . Both these elements are integral to the performance rather than an add-on . In Between Spaces/ProjetZ works with digital moving image and live performance to create a sense of time travel

Running Time -

Part 1- 40 Minutes Part 20-25 minutes

The work can be performed indoors and outdoors in the evening

Requirements -

Space for projection and projection cloth

The Company has its own projector /But can use the venue Projector

Two Microphones two Microphone stands

A Guitar Amp

One Dressing Room/ A place to change into costumes

A Table for the computer to play images or from lighting booth

Lighting -

4-6 side lights

If possible 4-6 light from top & front which do not hit the back wall

Get in-3 Hours Max/ 2 hours Min

Get out-1 Hour Max /45 Min Min

For Bookings-

Contact Isolte Avila ( Languages- English, Spanish,French, Italian Sign)

or Angelina Schwammerlin (Laguages -German, English, French ,Sign )

Ozan Gokmen info about the show in Turkeyi

Collaborators - Signdance Collective Transmitter Performance 73Degree Films

Director Ozan Gokmen

Supported by Arts Council England, Bornova Municipal Theatre Margarite & James Kaplan LMM Productions and Wycombe Arts Centre