Signdance Collective

SJH42 Ware, United Kingdom

Reviewed June 14, 2018

Always great fun, but this time WOW!

Now I am enthusiastic, and I have a childlike adoration of the Anglesey Sea Zoo. The rare trips made being the pinnacle of my childhood desires. So when I took my hubby and child for the first time, I apologized in the car in case I had over sold it.Afterwards my husband assured me, it was as good as I had described. And on 8th June they played host to SignDanceco's latest production "The Turtle Trials" as BSL users and silly at heart, we had an amazing time! Please please please do this again, it made what would have been a great trip, into an amazing one

Producer Robert Corcoran

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Transmitter Performance and

Signdance Collective with 73Degrees Films Presents

Projekt Z / In Between Spaces

Projekt Z / In Between Spaces

See International Collaborations For More Info In Between Spaces Information

We are pleased to announce an Arts Council England Award to develop this work as a pilot project!

Partners and Funders Projekt Z In Between Spaces

Company Repertoire for 2018/2019 The Turtle Trials In Between Spaces and Carthage /Cartagena


Isolte Avila David Bower Lionel Macauley Angelina Schwammerlin

Carthage Turkish National Tour 2018

Written By Caridad Svich

International Tour Director Goro Osojnik

The Turtle Trials

Performers David Bower and Isolte Avila

Director /Design Barbara Bulatovic and Mike Gould

Music Angelina Schwammerlin

Additional Lyrics Lionel Macauley

Scents Lucia Dessy

Mentor Kate Lawrence

"In Between Spaces"

Collaboration with Transmitter Performance and Wycombe Arts Centre

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"I would highly recommend supporting such a unique, fresh and generous company who are trailblazers in immersive and interactive performance" Bangor University

Signdance Collective is a touring performance company that was established in 2001. The company is culturally diverse with a team of experienced deaf and disabled artists at the helm. From 1987 to 2000, the company directors pioneered "signdance theatre", a fusion of sign theatre, dance and live original music. Since 2001, Signdance Collective has continued to evolve signdance theatre initiating international collaborations and working alongside innovative artists, theatre philosophers, and performance companies across the world

'SDC produces high-quality work, which is moving, comic, spectacular, and engaging'

SDC is the dance theatre company born on the margins of society, the integrity of their practice has won much acclaim and praise over three decades. AMI AWARDS,



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