Gene Berson

Gene Berson, lives in the foothills of Northern California but spent many years active in Bay Area poetry scene.

Berson's recent work can be read at and He's also been published in Beatitude, American Poetry Review and in Honeydew and Red Fez anthologies.

Berson taught poetry as an Oakland high school teacher and conducted workshops on Indian reservations, reform schools and in one-room Wyoming schoolhouses.

He has a BA and MA in English literature from SF State.

Praise for Raveling Travel

“What a cosmic gift, a veritable cosmos of Berson’s advanced pyrotechnic verse. Fasten your star-studded seatbelts! You’re in for a grand ride!”—David Meltzer, whom Lawrence Ferlinghetti once described as “one of the greats of post-World-War-Two San Francisco poets and musicians” (Selected Poems).

“These are poems and prose from a San Francisco poet, with echoes and rhythms of Whitman, Kerouac and Ginsberg.Berson engages the reader on a journey. And what we find is the real solace we can take from beauty.” - Poet Charles Entrekin

Gene Berson, poetry teacher, workshops, San Francisco Poet and Critique Session Leader at Sierra Writers Conference 2019