Rachel (Rosen) Teferet

Rachel Rose Teferet graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Fine Arts and a penchant for photoshopping the world with her eyes. She is a writer and editor and works in content development and PR. Her work has been published by Subprimal Poetry Art, The Tishman Review, Page & Spine, Black Rabbit Quarterly, Slink Chunk Press, Manawaker Podcast, Sierra College Literary Magazine as the winner of the 2016 Flash Fiction Contest, and more. Her play “The Necromancer’s Daughter” has been performed at Synthetic Unlimited in Nevada City, California.

Since 2012, she has submitted over 200 pieces of poetry, short stories, and visual art to literary magazines around the world. And according to Duotrope, her acceptance ratio is higher than the average for members who have submitted to the same markets. She has over 3,000 followers on her blog lettersandfeathers.wordpress.com, over 5,000 followers on Twitter as @art4earthlings, and many writing tips and cute pictures of her dog on Instagram @rachelteferet.

Friday | Rocklin Workshop - Get Your Short Stories and Poems Published

So you’re a writer and you can’t seem to stop churning out short stories or poems or both—and now, your work is piled ceiling-high on scraps of paper and napkins just cluttering your desk. Never fear! Publishing does not have to be scary. Join Rachel Teferet, writer and editor, for a workshop full of info, tools, and skills. Let’s make a plan and share your beautiful work with the world! What you’ll learn:

• Duotrope 101: How to use this incredible database to find publishers and stay organized

• Tools and tricks for creating a workflow, so you can move seamlessly from writing, workshopping, editing, and submitting

• How to be professional when submitting your work so you’re more likely to get accepted

• Where to find solid support for your writing and publishing journey

• Hands-on skills you can use to get your work into good literary markets

• And more!

Top 5 Tips to Smash Rejection in Publishing

Article excerpted from Rachel's website

Rejection is an inevitable part of publishing, but it doesn’t have to get you down. Countless great novels like Harry Potter have been rejected over a hundred times before getting that acceptance letter in the mail and becoming a hit.

I’ve submitted over 200 pieces of work since 2012. Though only a modest percentage were chosen for publication, my acceptance rate is still higher than most, according to Duotrope.

If you want to get published, you will have to overcome those annoying rejections.

Here are my favorite ways to smash rejection. I hope they help you keep heart because the world needs your writing!

1. Publishing Support Group

2. Embrace Rejection

3. Allow Rejection to Hurt, Then Move On

4. Have a Publishing Plan

5. Keep On Writing

Sometimes, after enough rejections, you might decide to put a piece aside. There’s nothing wrong with letting work rest after you’ve had enough rejection.

But keep on writing on generating new material, no matter what.

You’re not a writer because you publish—you are a writer because you write!

If the publishing process is getting you down, take a break, and focus on your writing instead. By the time you come back to the publishing world, markets and trends might change. Or, you might come up with a brilliant way to edit your piece. Even better, your writing might go to the next level by focusing on your work again!

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