Shuichi Katsumata

*Please call me "Shu" for short. Pronounced exactly like "shoe".  


I'm a lead cryptography researcher at PQShield Ltd, U.K, working from Japan. I am also a collaborative researcher at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan. Before that, I was a senior cryptography researcher at AIST, Japan and a research consultant at PQShield Ltd, U.K.

My main research topics include, but are not limited to, lattice-based (or more generally post-quantum) cryptography. I enjoy constructing and providing security analysis of cryptographic primitives/protocols such as various types of signature and encryption schemes (e.g., ring/blind signatures, IBE/ABE), zero-knowledge proofs, and secure messaging protocols. 

I'm always thrilled, excited, and motivated to discuss any interesting problems with others so please feel free to reach out to me!!  

Also, PQShield is hiring so if you're interested either as a permanent researcher, post-doc, or intern, check out PQShield's career webpage or contact me directly. 

Contact: shuichi.katsumata [at] OR shuichi.katsumata000 [at]




International Conference


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*(Historical Note: This is a major updated version of eprint:DKNYY18 with many new results, which itself is a merged version of eprint:DavNis18 and eprint:KatYam18.)

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& Tsujii Shigeo Security Award, 2021.
- for the paper: An Efficient and Generic Construction for Signal’s Handshake (X3DH): Post-Quantum, State Leakage Secure, and Deniable. (with Keitaro Hashimoto, Kris Kwiatkowski,  Thomas Prest.)

& Tsujii Shigeo Security Award, 2018.
- for the paper: On the Untapped Potential of Encoding Predicates by Arithmetic Circuits and Their Applications

& Tsujii Shigeo Security Award, 2017.
- for the paper: Partitioning via Non-linear Polynomial Functions: More Compact IBEs from Ideal Lattices and Bilinear Maps. (with Shota Yamada.)