Principal Investigator

Dr. Andrew E. Z. Short

Associate Professor & Curator

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Full CV [May 2017]

Email: aezshort /at/

Office phone: 785.864.2323

My work revolves around the evolution and diversity of aquatic beetles. I use a combination of molecular, morphological, and field data to understand how these organisms are related and distributed.

Postdocs & Staff

Dr. Grey T. Gustafson

Postdoctoral Researcher

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Full CV [Jan 2017]

Email: gtgustafson/at/

My research focuses on the systematics and phylogenetics of aquatic beetles, particularly the whirligig beetles (the family Gyrinidae). I utilize phylogenetic reconstruction to study their evolution and diversification and am interested in the interplay between sexual selection and speciation in this group, as well as their historical biogeography.

Sarah Schmits

Digitization Specialist

Email: scschmits/at/

I coordinate the lab's informatics and database activities, including our participation in Invertnet and work to develop digital infrastructure for the National Water Quality Collection in collaboration with the University of Minnesota.

Graduate Students

Stephen Baca

PhD student

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Full CV [Dec 2016]

Email: s953b810/at/

My research focuses on the systematics of the aquatic beetle family Noteridae (Coleoptera: Adephaga). I am currently working on several projects related to the the phylogenetics of Noteridae using both Sanger sequencing and the targeted capture of Ultraconserved Elements, revising poorly known noterid genera/groups and describing new genera and species.

Jennifer Girón

PhD Candidate

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Email: jcgiron/at/

I’m broadly interested in the morphology, systematics, biodiversity and biogeography of Neotropical beetles. My current research focuses in reconstructing the phylogenetic history of water scavenger beetles of the subfamily Acidocerinae (Hydrophilidae). I will also investigate morphological characters associated with niche shifts in acidocerines.

Marianna Simões

PhD Candidate

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Full CV [Dec 2016]

Email: mariannavpsimoes/at/

I employ a broad range of tools such as ecological niche modeling, morphological and molecular phylogenetics, and alpha taxonomy to understand the influence of environmental patterns on morphological diversity, particularly in leaf-beetles.


Alex T. Kohlenberg

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Email: kohlenberg / at /

My research focuses on the systematics of water scavenger beetles belonging to the subfamily Acidocerinae. I am using a combination of morphological data and molecular data to revise a group of Neotropical taxa.

Lab Alumni

Devin Bloom, Postdoctoral Researcher

Bruno Clarkson, PhD '14, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Jacob Dixon, REU Student

Frazier Graham, REU Student

Vanessa Kadosoe, MS '14, National University of Suriname

Crystal Maier, PhD '16

Clay McIntosh, REU Student

Emmanuel Toussaint, Postdoctoral Researcher



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