My name is Shivika Narang (pronounced Shi-vi-kaa Naa-rung) and I am a PhD student, and recipient of the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Research Scholarship at the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, where I'm a member of the Game Theory Lab. I am being advised by Prof Y Narahari. I am broadly interested in Algorithmic Game Theory and Approximation Algorithms. My current work is focused on fairness in matchings and allocations.

I completed my M Tech (Research) from CSA, IISc, under Prof Y Narahari, in July 2018, with a thesis titled "Design of Trusted Market Platforms using Permissioned Blockchains and Game Theory".

I worked as a summer intern at IBM Research, Bangalore during May-July 2017.

I was a recipient of the Summer Research Fellowship at CSE, IIT Madras in 2015.


July 2022: I'll be spending the coming August-December semester at Penn State working with Dr Hadi Hosseini and his group

April 2022: I won Best Student Presentation for the AI/ML cluster at EECS Research Symposium!

June 2020: I received the Tata Consultancy Services Research Fellowship!

May 2020: I successfully complete my comprehensive examination for my PhD

August 2018: Began my PhD at IISc!