I am a PhD student at Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, and a member of the Game Theory Lab. I am being advised by Prof Y Narahari. My broad research interests are Game Theory, Mechanism Design and Approximation Algorithms. I have worked on problems in permissioned blockchains, pricing systems, crowdsourcing, fair division and sponsored search.

I completed my M Tech (Research) from CSA, IISc, under Prof Y Narahari, in July 2018, with a thesis titled "Design of Trusted Market Platforms using Permissioned Blockchains and Game Theory".

I worked as a summer intern at IBM Research, Bangalore during May-July 2017.

I was a recipient of the Summer Research Fellowship at CSE, IIT Madras in 2015.


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  2. Shivika Narang, Pankaj Dayama, Megha Byali, Yadati Narahari, Vinayaka Pandit. Design of a Trusted Market Platform with Blockchain-Based, Game Theory inspired Smart Contracts. Working Paper.
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  1. Lecture on Computational Social Choice in CSE, National Engineering College, Kovilpatti.
  2. "Blockchains and Mechanism Design" in CSA Summer School, on 2nd July 2018.
  3. Lecture on introductory Game Theory in CSE, IIT Tirupati.