Working Parties

The next working party will take place on

Sunday 16th September 2018

We will be tackling the path at Bare Heads

If you think you can help out, please drop an email to

Meet at the Shibden Mill Inn at 10am. Please wear suitable footwear and bring some gloves.

A drink and snack might be a good idea too as we will be working for about 3 hours

Recent working party footpath repairs

Horley Green Lane to Shibden Fold - May 2018

Sunday 20 May 2018 the group once again tackled the path from Horley Green Lane towards Shibden Fold. There had been some considerable run off over the path which had made it very slippery. We worked on this path back in August 2017 where a great deal of work was done to improve it.

Thanks again to the people who turned up to work on the path.

Path to Scout Hall - October 2017

On Sunday 15 October, another beautiful sunny day in the valley, eight Shibden Valley Society members tackled another footpath that was in desperate need of some TLC. This footpath runs from Shibden Brook, up the hill, to the back of Scout Hall. Whilst being longer, it is also steeper and more overgrown than the one cleared by the members back in August 2017, so it was always going to be a challenge to make a significant impression with the time and numbers available.

Starting at the stone stile behind Scout Hall, the group worked their way downhill, cutting back and levelling the path, clearing overgrowth from stone flags and even managing to re-set many of the loose fence posts. After about two and a half hours the group ran out of time, with plenty of work still to be done on the lower sections.

As you can see from the photographs the result was a much wider and more defined path in these upper sections.

As winter and Christmas were approaching, we decided that the remainder of the work would have to wait until spring 2018. If we can get a few more people to help us, we may be able to finish the path down to Shibden Brook.

Many thanks to all who gave their time and effort

Horley Green Lane to Shibden Fold - August 2017

Sunday 20th August nine members of the Shibden Valley Society met to clear a couple of paths, off Horley Green Lane, that had become badly overgrown and in one case very difficult to walk along.

Fred and Richard started on the significant overgrowth of Hawthorn bushes on the footpath between Horley Green Lane and Shibden Brook. The hedge trimmer came in handy with the amount of work to do. There was also a couple of flagstones needing to be re-laid as they sloped dangerously and could have led to a nasty fall.

Meanwhile the remaining members began clearing brambles, weeds, gravel and other debris from about 300 yards of the footpath leading to the back of Shibden Fold. This is a very popular walk in the valley but was suffering from substantial amounts of gravel being washed down from the banking above (in places 6 to 8 inches deep).

There was also significant encroachment of weeds and brambles causing the path to become very narrow. After two and a half hours of hot, strenuous work the path was looking much better. Nice and easy to walk along and clear of debris.

Here is the team who did the work

Many thanks to all who gave their time and effort to do this valuable work