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About 15 years ago, I made it my mission to reconnect with my inner child, but it led me to discover life in a different light and the healing benefits of art & creativity. Being actively involved in the art & handmade scene for more than 10 years, I wear many creative hats:- I am an artist, a crafter, a painter, a blogger & a content creator, a freelance arts manager, a curator, a consultant and a craft event organizer.

Creating Intuitively

"Art expresses my inner voice. It reflects different phases of my creative journey. I am inspired by things like, imagination, consciousness, history, stories, colours, marks; all things known & unknown that bring balance to this world." -Shia Lynn.

A Creative Guide

"Creativity & Living is interconnected. I find joy in using art & creativity as a tool to help individuals navigate their thoughts and emotions on canvas."


Shia Lynn (The Artsy Craftsy) came on board as a creative partner for Le Art Shop's Dreamscape Art Contest 2021. It was such a pleasure working with Shia Lynn. Her experience definitely brought value to the whole campaign. Looking forward to working with Shia Lynn and The Artsy Craftsy again.

- Cassie Wong, Fine Artist and Owner of Le Art Shop

I have known Shia Lynn for more than a decade now and have worked with her for the better half of it. We still work together on Craft Affair and all I can say are good if not, great things about her as a person and as an artist. She does her best to help local crafters and shares her craft and talent in order to help others grow and come out of their artsy shells. As an artist and a craft blogger, she constantly tries new things and shares her knowledge on her site. So, if you ever need an intuitive art session to help expand your limits, or have a corporate event that you'd like to have an artistic spin on or even have an experienced media person within the local craft community, look no further than Shia Lynn and The Artsy Craftsy brand.

- Doralisa Lee, Creator of Kreative.DNA and Craft Affair Co Founder

It is my privilege to have been interviewed by Shia Lynn on The Artsy Craftsy platform. She is able to walk me through all the questions not only posted by her but also from the audience. Throughout the whole live chat, Shia Lynn has demonstrated her professionalism with her advanced knowledge of social media combine with her artistic abilities and strategic thinking is able to capture the audience’s attention.

-Alice Yee, Part-Time Professional Fine Artist

Digital Creator & Founder of The Artsy Craftsy

In 2008, I created The Artsy Craftsy to document my creative exploration as part of my self-discovery journey. Today, The Artsy Craftsy is a platform that celebrates art & handmade, and champions artists & crafters.

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