Year End Communications

This internal video was meant to create excitement about the year-end review process and inform our employees of the new streamlined review process.

Introducing Workday

I created this internal video to introduce the employees of TransUnion the new self-review software program call Workday.

Credit Lock

I directed and edited this social media video to bring awareness to the public on how easy it is to lock and unlock your credit using TransUnion's TrueIdentity product.

Revenue Assurance

Working with the healthcare team we created a campaign to target a small group of professionals in the healthcare sector. The concept for this design was based around the idea of “the highest hanging fruit” and how TransUnion can help hospitals recover lost revenue. The campaign consisted of sending a Harry & David gift basket (which contains a golden wrapped foil pear) along with the video brochure. The end result was to drive these selected professionals to a landing page, asset sheet, and ultimately our sales team. The campaign was a success we sent our 90 baskets and received over a 35% response rate.

The animation was created by

TU Experience Highlight

TransUnion organized an internal traveling event that toured our offices globally to educate our employees on the daily operations and functions of our company. I directed and edited this highlight video to be used internally.