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The SF Dharma Collective is a community-led sangha open to everyone.

All classes and sits are open to all and no registration is necessary. We are supported by your generosity (dana). No one is ever turned away for lack of funds. SFDC is wheelchair accessible and has two accessible bathroom stalls. We use fragrance-free cleaning products.


Amanda Ream

Amma Thanasanti

Anandabodhi Bhikkuni

Andrew Chaiken

Anil Thapa

Arinna Weisman

Ayya Santacitta

Baruch Golden

Bri Barnett

Cari Jacobs

Carol Cano

Chandra Easton

Rev. Daigan Gaither

Daniel Ingram

Dharma Overground

Deborah Eden Tull

Eugene Cash

Fresh! “Lev” White

Gene Lushtak

Howie Cohn


Isa Gucciardi

JD Doyle

Juliana Sloane

Kat Roubos

Khedrup Rinpoche Ugyen Tenzin Thinley Lhendup

Konda Mason

Liz Fitzgerald

Leigh Brasington

Mary Stancavage

Melanie DeMore

Michael Crowley

Mimi Moncier

Nils Heymann

Ralph de la Rosa

René Rivera

Robin Gayle

Ryan Redman

Shinzen Young

Spiros Antonopoulos

Syra Smith

T (Anthony) Maes

Tara Mulay

Teague O'Malley

Tina Rasmussen

Todd Jordan

Toran "Beja" Ailisheva

White Noise Collective

Tucker Peck

Venerable Dhammadipa

Vincent Horn

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