About Us

We seek to build a sangha led dharma community with you. Here are our working ideas of our vision and mission. Join us by checking out a sit, volunteering and/or coming to a collective meeting, and help us turn our aspirations and yours into a durable community. A final vision and mission statement will be added to this space after a process that involves all the stakeholders. In the meantime come sit with us and talk with us about your experiences and hopes.



  • The hurts and injustices wrought through patriarchy, racism, classism and other systems that sustain the enrichment and empowerment of some at the expense of others
  • The right to dignity, pride and full participation of persons of all kinds
  • The inherent value of all beings
  • The potential of Buddhist teachings to at least partly address the underlying causes of individual and systemic suffering

We the individuals serving on the provisional board of the SFDC envision a robust community built on a foundation of

  • mutual kindness
  • safety
  • accountability
  • operational transparency
  • shared leadership

We aspire to build

  • A functional framework for establishing and evolving the community’s vision of its own potential
  • A welcoming community that actively promotes participation, identity security and spiritual enrichment for all
  • A supportive space for sharing the teachings and values espoused by Buddhism and aligned traditions

We seek to provide outreach, empowerment, welcome and power sharing with individuals and groups who identify with the following

  • People of color
  • Recovery from addiction
  • LGBTQI+ including all genders, queer or non-binary
  • Women in leadership
  • People with disabilities
  • Post trauma
  • and any and all intersectionalities of these groups.