Sérgio M.C. Nascimento

I am a physicist interested in human vision and colour. I am Associate Professor with aggregation at the Physics Department of the University of Minho in Portugal. I teach mainly Visual Optics, Visual Perception, Neuroscience of Vision and Colour. 

I do research in colour in the Colour Science Laboratory in the Centre of Physics. I am interested in how natural physical constraints on light and images modulate our vision, in particular, our colour vision. This relates to colour constancy, visual effects of the illumination, colour deficiencies, spectral imaging, art and aesthetics.

I am General Secretary  of the International Colour Vision Society.

"A scientist has to rethink the concepts from the roots.  Ideally, the student should disagree with me on various topics, then the way to individual development lies open."

Jan Koenderink, preface Color for the Sciences, The  MIT Press