How much do I have to pay to become a SEO Scholar?

Nothing! Our program is free of charge. To become an SEO Scholar you must complete an application and follow the steps listed here.

What grade do I have to be in to become a SEO Scholar?

There is only one entry point into our program - ninth grade. Applications open in the Fall of 9th grade year and our program classes start in the Spring of 9th Grade year.

How many SEO Scholars get accepted into college?

100% of SEO Scholars are accepted into 4 year colleges. Click here to learn more about our programming and how SEO Scholars stand out from other NYC students.

Can SEO do a presentation at my school or community organization?

We'd love to connect with your school or community organization! To have SEO do an information presentation, have a staff member from your school or community organization fill out this form.

How do I learn more about your program?

To learn more about our program, you can complete our Interest Form, email us at, or call us at 212-979-2040. You can also visit this page to learn about our upcoming information sessions and events.

If your question is not covered above, contact us at