What is the SEO Scholars Program?

SEO Scholars is a FREE, eight-year college access program that supports New York City public high school students to and through college- with 100% of our Scholars being accepted into four-year colleges and universities. We currently serve 7,500 motivated young people and, we are committed to our student's personal growth, building successful futures, and creating a more equitable society for generations to come. 

How much do I have to pay to become a SEO Scholar?

Nothing! Our program is free of charge. To become an SEO Scholar you must complete an application and follow the steps listed here

What is the SEO Scholars Commitment?

Is in-person attendance mandatory?

Yes. In order to foster a strong community, SEO programming is in-person. If you are feeling unsure about commuting to programming, we pair SEO Scholars with other Scholars who live in the same area so that they can commute to and from programming together. SEO provides Metro Cards for all students every week, but we can also accommodate Scholars who need to take the express bus, LIRR, Metro North, or PATH. 

What resources does the SEO Scholars Program provide?

SEO Scholars provides: 

What are the eligibility requirements for the SEO Scholars Program?

To be eligible for the SEO Scholars Program applicants must: 

What grade do I have to be in to become a SEO Scholar? 

There is only one entry point into our program -  ninth grade. Applications open in the Fall of 9th grade year and our program classes start in the Spring of 9th Grade year. 

When is the application due?

The SEO Scholars application has 2 deadlines

What are the application requirements for the SEO Scholars program?

To have a completed SEO Scholars application, an applicant must submit the following

What if I don't have my final report card, but I want to submit my application?

Students can upload their most recent progress report to the application portal as long as it has their name/current grades on it. Once the student receives their final report card for the first quarter, they can email us with it at nycadmissions@seo-usa.org

What if I submitted a teacher recommendation request, but my teacher hasn't submitted it yet?

As long as the student has requested a teacher recommendation in our application portal, they can submit their application! Students do not have to wait until their teacher has fulfilled their recommendation request to submit an application. 

What is the SEO Application Process?

There are 4 phases in the SEO Scholars Application Process

 What is SEO looking for in a student? How can my student stand out in their application? 

SEO Scholars is looking for students who are committed, dedicated, and motivated to go to college. A thoughtful essay on your application is a great way to stand out. 

How many SEO Scholars get accepted into the program?

We accept between 250-300 Scholars each year.

How many SEO Scholars get accepted into college?

100% of SEO Scholars are accepted into 4 year colleges. Click here to learn more about our programming and how SEO Scholars stand out from other NYC students. 

My student is involved in after-school activities, does SEO's schedule accommodate this? 

Extra curricular activities such as sports and music look great on a college application! While SEO Scholars requires 100% attendance to after-school, Saturday, and Summer Programming, we have many students that participate in extra-curricular. 

 If my student was not accepted, do you have suggestions for other programs? 

 If my student was not accepted, do you have suggestions for other programs? 

Can SEO do a presentation at my school or community organization?

We'd love to connect with your school or community organization! To have SEO do an information presentation, have a staff member from your school or community organization fill out this form. 

How do I learn more about your program?

To learn more about our program, you can complete our Interest Form, email us at nycadmissions@seo-usa.org, or call us at 212-979-2040. You can also visit this page to learn about our upcoming information sessions and events. 

If your question is not covered above, contact us at nycadmissions@seo-usa.org