SEO Marketing

Three Effective Ways to Market a Business

All companies will have one thing in common and that’s the consistent need to source fresh income from clients. No matter the industry and regardless of the competition, if an agency isn’t able to enjoy sales and profits, then they could soon start to suffer as a result. Fortunately, the introduction of the internet made it a possibility for companies of all calibres to market their products and services to audiences around the world.

Here’s a look at three particularly effective methods of publicity that can benefit online businesses of all sizes

Promoting a business with SEO

Search engine optimisation has been accepted as one of the most effective methods of publicity in the world. It works by modifying the priority afforded to a website by a search engine, in a way that will allow the site to display more prominently within search results and therefore enjoy a greater amount of traffic. Depending on the competiveness of the niche, results can occur at varying times, but the fact remains that any company that undertakes these types of services can certainly expect to see a climb.

Social media marketing

This technique can be very effective, but as more people turn to the power of SEO, it’s becoming less and less prominent. Where optimisation works by bringing an audience directly to a website, social media marketing instead relies on bringing advertisements to an audience. If the numbers simply aren’t there to see the ad, then the chance of a product or service being spotted will decline. Nonetheless there are many free options available, so many companies still consider this a viable alternative.

Paid options such as AdWords

In the past, AdWords and other similar features offered by search engines like Google were all the rage. These days, many people have grown wise to the paid strategies and now ignore or avoid any websites highlighted at the top of search results pages. This doesn’t apply to everyone however, and many website users are still far more likely to click the sponsored results. As time goes by, it’s becoming clear that organic results are definitely more preferred.

Of all of the above options it’s quite clear that optimisation offers the most substantial results, and although the other two methods can be viable options for business owners; they are nowhere near as beneficial. Regardless, each of the three methods can certainly be effective when placed in the right hands – with social media offering a great way to market to a platforms users and AdWords affording the ability to display prominently with minimal fuss. But SEO can offer the above benefits and much more, and this is why so many agencies are considering investing in the potential of these types of services.