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How Can A Good SEO Company Promote Your Business Online?

Whether you’re brand new to the World Wide Web, or if your site has been online for years now – you’ll undoubtedly want to learn a little more about the best techniques to draw in an audience. Greater levels of traffic typically result in higher sales, but obtaining that traffic is often much easier said than done. One of the most common ways to improve the size of an audience is via search engine optimisation, so how can SEO promote your business online exactly, and what will the results offer?

A better online presence

As of 2017, it’s estimated that there are currently over 1 billion websites online. That’s an incredibly large database of niches and industries for audiences to enjoy – but it might shock you to hear that the average internet user will browse less than 100 unique websites every month. What does that mean for standard sites that simply have a domain name of their own?

Well, not much traffic. In fact a website that appears on page 10 or later for a particular set of keywords can expect to receive less than a handful of visits per month; if that. In reality, the lower the number of the search page result, the higher the traffic will be. So, going from page 10 to page 5 would theoretically double traffic, with a page 1 result offering anywhere between hundreds and several thousand times more visits each month.

Where does SEO come in?

If you imagine that there are 50 websites that feature the exact same keywords. A search engine like Google won’t be able to place them all on a single page, nor can they allocate them all the same result position, so it all comes down to priority. The more highly Google prioritise a website, the more likely they will be to display it higher than its other 49 competitors.

The same applies to any niche, and where it will be easy to rank for keywords that aren’t competitive, consider purple elephant avocado hat, it will be much more of a challenge to rank for more competitive equivalents - such as best repair service. With careful and strategic optimisation, it’s possible for a website to climb beyond its competition.

A higher rank means greater traffic and larger volumes of traffic result in much better conversion rates. If you imagine that a website receives just 10 views each month when discovered online, the chances are that it will expect one sale. Now imagine that the same site receives 1000 views each month – this could lead to 100 sales or more, which will offer a much larger profit.

The strategies are anything but simplistic, in fact they are best left to the professionals who will know exactly how to implement social signals, healthy links and constructive methods that enhance the authority of a website. By outsourcing SEO to Sydney company (not offshore), a company can expect their profits to climb incredibly – even within such an expansive market like the internet.