Guest designer

Guest designer: Cristha Fuentes

Handcrafted footwear from Guatemala.

Biography: Cristha Fuentes is a designer based in Guatemala City. Since footwear design studies are not available in her country, she had to gain knowledge from different backgrounds to be able to develop her own shoe brand; a minor in Fashion Design, a minor in Product design, a Bachelor in Business Administration and complemented her studies with courses in art history. One of her most recognized features is the use of national textiles, combined with modern footwear, with the idea of exporting a piece of her country to all parts of the world.

Her brand was born seven years ago, when she was barely 19 years old. Since then the brand has had the opportunity to export shoes to the Czech Republic, the United States and Finland; people from Singapore, Argentina, Israel, Italy, Costa Rica and Spain have purchased her shoes. The brand has been present at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Guatemala in 2018 and 2019, and has appeared in all the recognized newspapers of the country.