During 2018, we started to develop an educational platform promoting the scientific and conservation aspects of the project with Sara Delben and Luc Jacquet (film director La Marche de l’Empereur/March of the Penguins, La Glace et le Ciel/Ice and the Sky) and his non-profit organisation Wild-Touch (see La Glace et le Ciel as an example). Ten short interviews of members from the consortium were made to explain the stakes of climate change in polar marine ecosystems from their specialist point of view. These interviews will be made available to a large public audience as a form of videos than can be downloaded. We plan to make more interviews in the future on several themes related to SENSEI, such as climate change and sea-ice, sea-ice ecosystems, studying the behaviour of polar seabirds and seals, the characteristics of polar seabirds and seals, the future of sea-ice ecosystems, pollutants at the poles, diving adaptations in seals, working with polar species…


Audubon Magazine : Can these seabirds adapt fast enough to survie a melting Arctic ?