Joining SELO/LESO is easy. The benefits of joining SELO:

  • connect with system leaders at school boards (english/french, public and catholic) across the provinces.
  • share our best new learning, build leadership capacity, and advocate for resources that improve student learning and achievement across the province.
  • participate in in-person and virtual learning sessions

**For this year only, due to a variety of fiscal and non-fiscal reasons, we are happy to offer FREE memberships for all 2018-2019 SELO/LESO members. Simply complete the registration form and select “I was a 2018-2019 SELO/LESO member and would like to continue my membership ($0)” (applies to FULL members and CORPORATE members)

For NEW SELO/LESO Memberships:

At this time, we are able to offer NEW members a 50% reduction in fees. NEW full memberships will cost $75 (full membership) and $150 (corporate memberships). **

There are three membership options:


Full membership in SELO/LESO is open to any employee of an English or French language Board of Education in Ontario and/or the Independent School Associations of Ontario with formal leadership consulting, co-ordinating and/or supervisory responsibilities for science (and technology), or their designate. ($150/year)


Associate membership is available to employees of Universities, Community Colleges and Faculties of Education, accredited in Ontario and not-for-profit organizations (such as the Ontario Ministry of Education, Ontario Teachers Federation and its affiliates) or other individuals deemed to have interests consistent with the purpose of SELO/LESO.

Associate Membership is open to persons outside of Ontario who have similar responsibilities to members. ($75/year)


Corporate membership is open to any representative of a for-profit or not-for-profit organization that charges a fee for products or services and is deemed by the SELO/LESO executive to have interests consistent with the mission of SELO/LESO. ($300/year)

To register for a 2019-2020 membership, please complete 2019-2020 SELO/LESO Membership Registration