James Monroe

James Monroe, Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia

As Monroe was a mere five yards away from John Tyler at Presidents' Circle in Hollywood, this will be the second fastest and shortest distanced back to back dead Presidents I'll ever make (John and JQ Adams are right next to each other). You can tell it poured right before the pic was taken. The strangest thing about Monroe is there's no grand stone marker with his name or information on it. There's only this


Born in Westmoreland County, 28 April 1758.

Died in the City of New York. 4 July 1831.

By order of the General Assembly His remains were removed to this cemetery 5 July 1858. As an evidence of the affection of Virginia.

For her Good and Honored Son.

The one thing most people know about James Monroe is his Doctrine stating Europe should stay out of the affairs of the Western Hemisphere (translation: get off our lawn!). Never mind the fact that John Quincy Adams had a bigger hand in writing it and that the British would enforce the rule more than the US, it was the MONROE Doctrine. He was the final Founding Father to die (on July 4th no less, five years after the famous Jefferson-Adams 1-2 combo) and he was the last President of the Virginia dynasty (it would be over twenty years before another Virginian would take the White House- William Henry Harrison).

Random randomness:

Monroe is the only US President to have a foreign capital named for him (Monrovia, Liberia).

Monroe was the last President to wear a wig, a tricorne and knee breeches.

Monroe is the last President to never have any photograph made of him. All pictures are based on paintings.

Monroe was the last of three straight two term Presidents (Jefferson, Madison, Monroe) until 2012 (Clinton, George W Bush, Obama).