Selfies with Dead Presidents

Selfies with Dead Presidents

So why am I doing this?

For starters, I love history. I also love travel, and if I can get those two to mesh, better still. It's a running gag for those who know me that the first questions I ask myself about going anywhere is 1) "Is there a state capital I can pick up?" and 2) "Is there a dead President buried anywhere nearby?" For almost twenty years, I've managed to collect 38 States, 24 state capitals* and 24 dead Presidents.** However, as of April 2014, I added a twist: selfies. 

Say what you want about them- selfies are here to stay. We're inundated with them and while many cannot stand them and see them as another example of the self-narcissism of the millennials, I figure why not combine them with some learning? (Granted, when teachers pick up on the hottest trend, they tend to die months later (the trend not the teacher). Either I am a cultural hero for bringing about the death of selfies or I'll be the villain. Either way, I'm fine with it.) 

So as a joke, I took only the second selfie of my life in front of Woodrow Wilson and posted it on Facebook with the caption "Just a selfie of me...and Woodrow Wilson." It was a hit. Then, when I decided to head to Richmond and get three more Presidents, I ran with it: Selfies with Dead Presidents. Here you have the extension of that: the website.  It's not a self narcissist tooting of my horn as I hate getting pictures taken (some of the ones you see are the fifth or sixth try to get it right and even then...). I've managed to incorporate the latest fad with education. 

That said, thank goodness I'm not this person.

So enjoy it, learn something from it and know that I am several down, many more to go in the dead Presidents department. Note that the order of the Presidents are in the order I took them, not their Presidential order. It's easier that way.

Atlanta**,  Boston, Providence, Annapolis, Harrisburg, Richmond**, Charleston**, Columbia**, Columbus**, Frankfort**, Honolulu, Indianapolis**, Lansing**, Nashville**, Montgomery**, Jackson**, Baton Rouge**, Austin, Jefferson City, St. Paul, Olympia,** Providence , Raleigh**, Sacramento,** Tallahassee,** Boise,** Helena,** Salt Lake City,** Salem.,** Albany,** Little Rock,** and Springfield** (31 capitals, 46/50 states)

Washington, J Adams+ Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, JQ Adams+, Jackson, WH Harrison, Tyler, Polk, Taylor, Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, B Harrison, McKinley, Taft, Wilson, Harding,  Coolidge, JFK, LBJ+, Ford, Nixon, Reagan (27/39)

+Visited before selfies were a thing. Gotta get back to them one day. 

**Denotes Capitol selfied.