Section 3: Form I-4 - Linking Form

Linking Form:

This describes me right now.

Why is this information important to me?

Self-Advocacy Tips:

  • Review your current level data with your case manager. Ask questions to help you understand what it means.
  • Think about how this will support my College and Career Readiness?
  • Disabilities come in different forms and affect people in different ways. Work with your team to determine how your disability affects your learning and participation in school and activities.

Annual Goals:

Annual goals are set each year by my team to help me prepare to be College and Career Ready.

Some examples include: Improving my math skills, improving my reading, or becoming a self-advocate.

Self-Advocacy Tip:

Talk with your team members to learn about your past goals and discuss how your goals can help to plan for your future.

Specially Designed Instruction:

These are the lessons that you will get from your special education teacher to help you meet your annual goals.


These are put in place to help support your learning (i.e. extra time on tests, taking tests in a quiet setting, audio books, breaks when you get frustrated.)


Making changes to what I am learning (i.e. changing my learning goal, taking a replacement test)

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