Self-Directed College and Career Ready (CCR) Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Guide


This document was created to help inform your students about the CCR IEP forms and process in a student friendly way. You can use this document to support pre planning for a student’s CCR IEP meeting and as a way for the student to understand their CCR IEP. Please review the link below from I’m Determined that helps identify a student’s self-advocacy skills relating to their CCR IEP. The CCR IEP is not just a compliance document. When used it can be a tool in making positive changes for students with disabilities. Thank you for your support in raising high expectation in students through self-advocacy and self-determination.

I'm Determined Student Rubric for IEP Participation

Each section on this site is part of a complete document. Sharing this completed document as well as the cover letter may help increase family engagement in the CCR IEP process. This document will allow families to speak more directly with their youth regarding their CCR IEP and support high expectations for their child. High expectations and high family engagement are directly linked to students with disabilities being college and career ready.

For support using the CCR IEP documents, please review DPI’s CCR IEP Learning Resources.

To view the entire fillable form, please click HERE. To view a printable form, please click HERE.