Southeastern Arizona Clean and Beautiful provides community training and volunteers to develop cleanup projects for local communities and properties without competing with for-profit companies. Cleanups will be limited to properties that are either publicly owned or are owned by persons who cannot afford to pay for-profit companies to do the same job.

The specific goals and purpose of SEACAB are to:

  • support, advocate, and educate citizens of Graham and Greenlee counties about the benefits of recycling, community cleanups, prolonging the life of the City of Safford’s landfill; community gardens, the water-savings benefits of composting, and the use of ground-covers;
  • prevent green waste from being deposited in local landfills or in the surrounding country side by providing alternative drop-off sites at costs which are less than those charged by local landfills;
  • store green waste at locations in close proximity for the purpose of producing low cost compost and chips for local landscapers and property owners;
  • sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote the benefits of recycling, community cleanups, community gardens, water-savings benefits of composting, and the use of ground-covers.

Board of Directors

Jay Rasco - Founder

Tim Linden - Board Chair

Danny Smith - Vice Chair

Susan Elsberry - Treasurer

Terry Johnson - Member

SEACAB's chair, treasurer, and founder accept a check from Amelia Sainz, representing United Way Graham County.