The Julie Delfs Gallery

Commission Art

Commissioning artwork gives you the chance to have a personalized work of art that will stay with you forever. 

Julie Delfs art is one of the best ways to bring a space together, adding a pop of color or personality to an empty wall.  Everyone deserves to have an original one-of-a-kind piece in their home, vacation rental or business. A kitchen countertop, a dinning room table, or even that mantle focus.  Julie sees art everywhere!

“I listen to my clients and design so my clients can be heard and I try and transform that into epoxy-resin art . I start with size, color palette, timeline, and style when working with a client. I love when clients give me the freedom to create, but I do enjoy those who want to work side-by-side to call the project their own. Every artist puts their heart and soul in the process, but most of all I want you to love it!"