Sean R. Conte

I am a PhD student in the Philosophy Department at Texas A&M University where I completed the Logic & Decision Theory Track. I also teach logic (and love doing it).

I study, build and analyze (primarily computer) models of epistemic communities. This allows me to explore how epistemic values ought to be pursued. I look at what mechanisms unfold given certain idealized conditions on the community. Most of the models I focus on have some element of scientific research and communication. This can be complicated by a variety of factors including (but not limited to): network structure, problem difficulty, expertise, memory, reputation, presence of neutral or biased media, or even the presence of fabricating agents.

More broadly, I am also interested in other issues in formal and social epistemology generally, philosophy of logic, math and science, decision theory, philosophy of language and mind (esp. AI), and applied ethics (esp. of technology).

I received my bachelors in Philosophy and Mathematics with a minor in Economics from Fort Lewis College in beautiful Durango, CO.

Feel free to contact me via email at