South Dakota School Library

Boot Camp 2019

- an annual professional development event ​for librarians & other types of educators provided by the SD State Library -


INCLUSION: That All May Learn

We'll focus on how librarians and educators can support ALL students with a unique focus on students with special needs, those with disabilities, English Language Learners, LGBTQI+ students, and the culturally diverse.

Jennifer LaGarde - teacher-librarian, award-winning blogger of The Adventures of Library Girl, and AASL's Social Justice Defender Superstar will be presenting. This topic is her jam! It sure to be an impactful time with Jennifer's energy and professionalism. Plus, you won't want to miss her at SDLA!


  • Boot Camp will be moved from the summer to the fall and will be saddled with the annual SDLA (South Dakota Library Association) conference scheduled in Spearfish on Sept. 25-27, 2019. (Note: Boot Camp is NOT a part of the conference and conference attendance is not required to be a part of Boot Camp).
  • We’re planning for one day of face-to-face learning on Wed., Sept. 25. The rest of the ‘seat time’ hours required for college credit will be independent and online.
  • The format will have a bit more emphasis on online learning which means fewer days away from home/school.
  • We’ll extend the time period in which to complete the course.
  • You’ll have all summer to make plans to attend! Registration opens April 8 (during School Library Week!) and won't close until late August.


  • Open to all South Dakota school staff: paraprofessionals, librarians, teachers, administrators, specialists, etc.
  • Solid, practical content and dynamic speakers.
  • Graduate or undergraduate level college course offered by Black Hills State University and the SD State Library.
  • Course can be applied to the Library Methods requirement of the BHSU School Library Media minor and the SDDOE Library Media endorsement - a double-whammie!
  • SD State Library will pay for college tuition via LSTA federal funding scholarship; you (or your district) pay for all travel costs.
  • Professional networking and friendships!

Boot Camp is a professional development event for South Dakota librarians & educators made possible by...