Working Papers

  • From Finance to Fascism (2020), with S. Gissler, J.L. Peydró and J. Voth

    • Summary in English on, summary in German on Ö

    • Germany's banking crisis in 1931 increased support for the Nazi Party. We highlight the synergy between economic and cultural channels for radicalization.

  • Housing Booms, Reallocation, and Productivity (2020)

    • Young Economist Award, EEA-ESEM Annual Congress 2018; Young Innovators Award, Vordenker Forum 2019 (summary in German)

    • Rising real estate prices reduce industry productivity, because they reallocate capital and labor towards inefficient firms (previous title: 'Collateral, Reallocation, and Industry Productivity: Evidence from the U.S. Housing Boom').

Work in Progress

  • The Fintech Gender Gap, with S. Chen, J. Frost, L. Gambacorta and H.S. Shin

  • Nothing to Hide? Survey Evidence on Who Shares Personal Data, with O. Armantier, J. Frost, A. Fuster and K. Shue