1. Credit-Supply Shocks and Firm Productivity in Italy (PDF, SSRN)

With M. Raissi and A. WeberJournal of International Money and Finance 87(10), pp 150-171, 2018

2. Geographic diversification and bank lending during crises (PDF, SSRN)

With P. SchazJournal of Financial Economics 140(3), pp 768-788, 2021

3. Stress tests, entrepreneurship and innovation (PDF, SSRN)

Review of Finance 25(5), pp 1609-1637, 2021

4. Financial crises and political radicalization: How failing banks paved Hitler's path to power

With S. Gissler, J.-L. Peydró and H.-J. VothThe Journal of Finance (forthcoming)

Working Papers

  • Housing Booms, Reallocation, and Productivity (2020)

    • Young Economist Award @ EEA-ESEM Annual Congress 2018; Young Innovators Award @ Vordenker Forum 2019

    • Rising real estate prices reduce industry productivity, because they reallocate capital and labor towards inefficient firms (previous title: 'Collateral, Reallocation, and Industry Productivity: Evidence from the U.S. Housing Boom').

  • Non-bank lending during financial crises (2022), with I. Aldasoro and H. Zhou

    • Non-banks contract their syndicated lending by more than banks during crises in borrower countries. Differences in borrower characteristics and funding models drive this pattern.

  • The fintech gender gap (2021), with S. Chen, J. Frost, L. Gambacorta and H.S. Shin

    • Survey data from 28 countries shows a large fintech gender gap: men are more likely to use fintech products and services than women in almost every country

  • Nothing to hide? Evidence on attitudes towards data sharing, with O. Amantier, J. Frost, A. Fuster and K. Shue (draft coming soon)