1. Credit-Supply Shocks and Firm Productivity in Italy (ungated version)

With M. Raissi and A. WeberJournal of International Money and Finance (2018)

2. Geographic diversification and bank lending during crises (ungated version)

With P. SchazJournal of Financial Economics (2021)

3. Stress tests, entrepreneurship and innovation (ungated version)

Review of Finance (2021)

Working Papers

  • From Finance to Fascism (2020), with S. Gissler, J.-L. Peydró and H.-J. Voth (R&R at the Journal of Finance)

    • Germany's banking crisis in 1931 increased support for the Nazi Party. We highlight the synergy between economic and cultural factors for radicalization.

  • Housing Booms, Reallocation, and Productivity (2020)

    • Young Economist Award @ EEA-ESEM Annual Congress 2018; Young Innovators Award @ Vordenker Forum 2019

    • Rising real estate prices reduce industry productivity, because they reallocate capital and labor towards inefficient firms (previous title: 'Collateral, Reallocation, and Industry Productivity: Evidence from the U.S. Housing Boom').

  • The fintech gender gap (2021), with S. Chen, J. Frost, L. Gambacorta and H.S. Shin

    • Survey data from 28 countries shows a large fintech gender gap: men are more likely to use fintech products and services than women in almost every country

  • Does IT help? IT in banking and Entrepreneurship (2021), with T. Ahnert, N. Pierri and Y. Timmer (draft coming soon)

  • Nothing to hide? Evidence on attitudes towards data sharing (2021), with O. Amantier, J. Frost, A. Fuster and K. Shue (draft coming soon)