Sebastian Doerr

I am a Ph.D. candidate in economics at the University of Zurich. I will be available for interviews at the ASSA 2019 meetings in Atlanta and the European Job Market in Naples.

My research focuses on empirical finance and macroeconomics. You can find my C.V. here.

Job market paper:

"No Risk, No Growth: The Effects of Stress Testing on Entrepreneurship and Innovation"

Further research:

  • Bank Loan Supply during Crises: The Importance of Geographic Diversification, with Philipp Schaz (2017, link to pdf, Revision requested at Review of Financial Studies)
  • From Finance to Extremism: The Real Effects of Germany’s 1931 Banking Crisis , with Stefan Gissler, José-Luis Peydró and Hans-Joachim Voth (2018, link to pdf)
  • Collateral, Reallocation, and Aggregate Productivity: Evidence from the U.S. Housing Boom (2018, link to pdf, EEA 2018 Young Economist Award)
  • Credit-Supply Shocks and Firm Productivity in Italy, with Mehdi Raissi and Anke Weber (2018, link to pdf, IMF Working Paper, Journal of International Money and Finance, Vol 87, p. 155-171)

Sebastian Doerr

University of Zurich - Department of Economics

UBS International Center of Economics in Society