Sebastian Doerr

I am an economist at the Bank for International Settlements in the Monetary and Economic Department, where I examine the consequences of financial innovation for data privacy, credit supply, and competition in the financial sector. I also work on the implications of the rise of fintechs and crypto-assets for financial stability.

My research spans financial intermediation, financial innovation, and macroeconomics. It received the European Economic Association's Young Economist Award, as well as the Young Innovators Award at the Vordenker Forum.

Here you can find my research papers, my policy work, and selected media coverage.

Current research

Selected policy work

  • Inequality and the Decline of Small Business, with T. Drechsel and D. Lee, EFIP Research Brief

  • DeFi lending: intermediation without information?, with S. Aramonte, W. Huang and A. Schrimpf, BIS Bulletin No 57

  • Blockchain scalability and the fragmentation of crypto, with F. Boissay, G. Cornelli and J. Frost, BIS Bulletin No 56

  • Non-bank lenders in the syndicated loan market (2022), with I. Aldasoro and H. Zhou, BIS Quarterly Review, March

  • Whom do consumers trust with their data? US survey evidence (2021), with O. Amantier, J. Frost, A. Fuster and K. Shue, BIS Bulletin No 42