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Aloha and welcome, Soul Dancer here. 

First a quick story about the above  banner.

Have you ever personally witnessed a monk in robes sitting quietly with a bowl in front of them?  No?  Imagine such a moment.  While imagining your encounter with someone dressed in a traditional Buddhist robe (consisting of one long flowing golden or deep-red cloth carefully wrapped around their body then draped over one shoulder).  What do you sense would be your initial feelings? Compassion? Contempt? Curious? Gratitude? Gruffness? Grief?

I ask these questions based on my monk training. Imagine life based 100% of the kindess of others. To eat, drink, relieve or bathe yourself under the luxury of roof means a daily task.  The task? Take your begging bowl out into your local community. (The banner image above features a monks' bowl.)

My first day of walking with my bowl into the local village nearest my sangha marked the day I experienced a flash-masters-class in humility.  First, villagers rarely see Caucasian monks. Caucasians are typically asked FOR money.  To experience a light-skinned monk in traditional robes inspired skepticism. My first few weeks of life as an initiate with a begging bowl on village streets taught me a sense of humility that carries forward to my NOW. 

If you saw me sitting quietly on a street corner dressed in robes - what would do? Pick up your pace?  Glare at me?  Mutter get a job? Throw loose change at me?  Stop to talk to assess my legitimacy?

I ask these questions to rattle your beliefs related to worth and service.  The village surrounding my order (sangha) embeds a social norm of giving. At the earliest age children are taught the art offering something to monks who sit with their bowl in front of them. To not offer something is seen as poor character.  To assist a soul on their path of service is deemed good and proper. Based on first-hand experience (in the USA) monks dressed in traditional robes are more often a target of assault than grace when it comes to sitting with their bowls seeking assistance. 

Backstory - done.  

The inspiration for this site? Some dear souls asked me the exact same question within a span of one week.  When I hear the same question from different people who have little to no connection with each other within seven days, clearly Spirit is banging their etheric pots and pans to get me to listen! LOL

What was the question?

How may I support you?

Historically, I first inquire why they wish to support me versus some other soul or cause. What is it about me that inspires a desire to help me. My stock answer?

Live the best life possible in balance with being of service.

I echo the answer I get from my teachers when I ask them how I may show my gratitude; how may I support them. You see dear reader, I live by the ol'  all for one and one for all theory. When you live your best life - your efforts - ripple out to all.  You living your best life helps me to live my best life.

My stock answer was met with: "Along with living my best life, how may I help YOU - NOW. "

Clearly my stock answer lacked the specifics those offering to help me - saught. My stock answer now?

I'll send you a link to explore.  Follow your heart.

Kindly note. The more support I receive the more support I offer. 

While reading this page please pace yourself.  Take your time. Follow your heart. Do what works for you. If I spark a desire to help out - wonderful.  Your support will ripple out to others. 

Next? My passion?  Service.

My mission? CareGiver LifeLine® (CGLL).

Those who support me support my mission to launch (then grow) CGLL. What is CGLL?

What do you think? How do you feel about my massive mission to launch and support:

Feel inspired to help me reach my goal of  $15.5M? Yes? Explore the rest of this page featuring a buffet of ways to help me raise CGLL funding.

No? Imagine be bowing to you in gratitude for following your instincts. Listening to your inner-voice is what I teach and practice.

Donna Seebo, Founder of Delphi International, international speaker, writer and author interviews Soul Dancer about his massive mission.

20 minute interview.

More details? Access Executive Summary - Click / download .pdf.


Two questions to learn which of the following three options to help me - work best for you. 

Based on what you discover after pondering these questions, you'll know which of the following three paths to explore more.

Two Questions

Guestimate how much time you spend on the net each day. Scrolling. Liking. Commenting. Binge-watching.

My ask?  10% of your online time.  See sites listed in the "Got Time" section below.

 . . . 

Guestimate on average - what do you spend each week on treats and stress-relieving habits.  Cafe beverages, snacks, deserts. Cocktails. Movies. Etc. 

My ask?  10% of your treat budget.  See sites listed in the "Got Money" section below.

What kind of support feels right?

Got time (no money).

Perfect.  There's plenty of options for you to spend something equally as valuable as money to support me.  Time.  No matter how much (or little) money you got, the sun rises and sets the same for everyone.

Got money (no time).

Wonderful.  The first, simplest option? Share a one-time donation.  Other options? Private consulting. Classes. Subscriptions. Books. Calendars. 

Got both.

Great! Ideas?  Bookclubs - purchase books below. Classes?  Become a paid Soul University Teaching Assistant.  Retreats? Seminars? Let's talk! Click to email me a date, time and time zone for us to explore more.

I got time but no money . . .

As we dive into a list of ways to support me with your time - time to talk about the theory of third-party validation

As consumers we tend to hedge our bets by buying recommended products and services.  True?  Why?  What it is about complete strangers / reviews on - say - Amazon.com - that sway our decision to click their one-click option to buy. How do we know reviews are legit to begin with. Right? How do we know a glowing review isn't the result of some write-reviews-to-get-paid scheme. Even when trusted people post reviews - there's no certainty that what they experienced will be your experience. True?

Let's reframe third-party validation from a social interaction aspect.  Pretend you and I meet.  We're talking about what we're up to.  I talk about my book Pay Me What I'm Worth.  You ask me questions about it.  You feel my passion about the content in this workbook.  You may sense yourself feeling impressed when I share how over 350,000 people have completed the 33 unique exercises found in the ten chapters of this workbook. Then a good friend of yours joins us.  You tell your friend about the fact that I'm the author of a book that's sold over a quarter of a million copies.  Your friend seems non-plussed; they rather you to follow them because they want to introduce you to someone else.  You walk away.  Most likely you forget about me and my work.

Time passes. You're at a party hosted by another dear friend catching up with all sorts of souls you hold near and dear.  One of those cherished connections happens to talk about how much their life changed after completing a year-long course based on the book Pay Me What I'm Worth. It's abundantly clear your friend is much happier, healthier, centered and clear on their sense of who they are and what they're here to do.  In fact, they sort of gush about how they wished they had found this book decades ago to avoid so much of the pain and suffering they experienced. They also share how the tools they awakened within themselves - based on the exercises in this book  - helped them genuinely release decades of pain and related suffering. Your memory clicks in and you tell your friend you just happened to meet the author of that book. Your friend asks, "Did you buy his book."  You say, "No."  When asked why you didn't buy his book your ego kicks in. Your response? "I didn't know who he was or if he's legit."  Your friend simply smiles and says, "Well, hey!  If you dare - I'll send you a link to the classes I took.  You listen in at no charge. You decide." and walks away. 

When you get your friends link, you listen to 10 minutes (of one of the hundreds of online, downloadable classes).  You discover this author is legit based on what you hear. You buy his book.  You change your life. You took action based on your friends' recommendation (versus meeting me).  

When you buy my book based on a friends glowing review - is third-party validation in action.

My point? 

The time you take to read, listen, watch then share posts, videos, and audios - is equally valuable as monetary support.

The following options to support me with your time (no money) involves reading / watching / listening to material posted on popular sites.  The more you read, watch, listen (and hopefully SHARE) what you've found - increases counts.  The higher the listen, read, watch counts - the more third-party validation grows. Algorithms kick in to give that post, audio or video more exposure as well.

When you have time here's some sites to visit. Read / listen / watch / add comments / share . . .

On each of the following sites please:

Pay Me What I'm Worth Audio Library  (shares welcome)

Soul University Publication (comments / shares / subscribers welcome)

Youtube (comments turned off to avoid spammers)

Medium.Com (comments / claps / highlights / shares / subscribers welcome)

Substack.Com  (comments / shares / subscribers welcome)

Allpoetry.com  (comments / shares welcome)

Already have a copy of the book(s) available for purchase belowOpen to posting a review?  After you compose / save a review using a word / text app, copy / paste your review(s) at:

I got money but no time . . .

One limited edition signed printed book. Includes express USPS shipping. USA shipping only. $32.95 

One limited edition signed printed book + self study guide. Includes express USPS shipping. USA shipping only. $49.95

One digital book.  Epub format. $3.99

One digital book.  PDF format. $3.99

One printed book. Includes express USPS shipping.  USA shipping only. $32.95

One printed book + self study guide. Includes express USPS shipping. USA shipping only. $49.95

One digital book.  Epub format. $3.99

One digital book.  PDF format. $3.99

One limited edition signed printed book. Includes express USPS shipping. USA shipping only. $21.95 

One digital book.  Epub format. $3.99

One digital book.  PDF format. $3.99

Join Medium.Com. I receive half of the annual $50.00 subscription fee. You gain full access to all site posts. 

I got both time and money . . .

We conclude with me inviting you to imagine me bowing before you in genuine gratitude for your visit and time.  May I offer a suggestion on where to begin when you feel ready to support my mission to launch and support CareGiver LifeLine®

Keep it simple.

When you're ready to deep-dive into a unique, proven way I raise funds for both CGLL and YOU - yes YOU!  Click here. After reading this doc - if interested - let's talk.