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Ready to upgrade to a more robust connection with your inner voice - your soulResults? Enjoy life with far less stress; far less doubt, guilt, shame and worry.

Listening to intuition is similar to watching wind wiggle a pond.  Allow the ripples to move you where you need to be.”

Soul Dancer, Founder: Soul University


Gil is a seasoned spiritual coach, Vedic and Tropical astrologer, musician and artist. Gil guides students on how to get back in touch with heir real selves, by teaching students how to embrace their intuition and emotions through spirituality. 

Born with a unique name, how you know Soul Dancer depends on your journey with Soul. Soul is a social worker (masters level) with a focus on organizing. Published author (three books). Teacher (Founder:  Soul University). Primary focus: private personal, professional and spiritual development guide. Secondary focus: writing, speaking, live-talk show production.

Phase 1 Overview

Episodes 1-13 Introductions; tools and more!

Phase 2 Overview

Episodes 14-26:  Thought Expansion

Phase 3 Overview

Episodes 27-30Waking Up

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