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Soul here. 

With gratitude and excitement I present a unique 2023  Newsletter & Salon

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2023 Focus?  

From chaos to clarity.

Content (subject to change).

Each month we'll explore concrete, doable steps to tame chaos on our way to gain and maintain clarity.

Folks who know me KNOW I'm all about hosting hearty Socratic discussions.  You may also come to know how I LOVE to drop in a paradox or two based on what we discover as we rapidly deep-dive into whatever topic we decided to explore.  Paradoxes spice things up - true?

Backstory ...

I'm known to mix my masters in social work, with my training as a monk and shaman into thought-provoking:

With hundreds of hours of professionally edited audios (keep it clear and concise - right?) freely available to download any time - you're welcome to sample how I teach, consult as well learn.

Mahalo nui loa