The mission of San Diego Council on Economics Education (SDCEE), formerly the EconEd Foundation, is to assist K-12 teachers to educate their students in economic ways of thinking and problem solving. The goal is to help students utilize these skills in lives as consumers, investors, entrepreneurs, citizens and members of the workforce.

The EconEd Foundation continues to exist as the fundraising arm of the SDCEE.

It is the San Diego Center for the California Council on Economic Education, which is affiliated with the National Council on Economic Education. Our continuing goal is to provide quality resources for educators in San Diego County.

The following links reflect more information about the organization and its philosophical guidelines.

The SDCEE San Diego Board

The SDCEE board meets once a month during the school year and holds an all-day planning session in June to examine goals and objectives for the upcoming school year. Any San Diego County educator or professional wishing to help with the furthering of economic education is welcome to attend.