Lures and Floats

The pompano floats come in two sizes. One is size 1/0 and the other is size 2. The hooks are Mustad Signature Popper hooks. The floats come in three body colors.

The Alantic sandflea is a darker brown on top. The Gulf sandfleas come in two morphs; one is grey on top, and the other is tan on top.

Pompano Floats

Sculpin Jig Pompano floats are made of hard stryofoam so they float off the bottom of the sand. They imitate sand fleas which are unable to get back and bury in the sand. By floating above the sand, pompano can easily see the floats. It also helps that crabs don't get your bait. You can bait floats with a sandfflea or piece of shrimp. If you don't have any live bait, you can add a strip of fishbites.

The custom rig for surf fishing on the east coast was a floating red cork attached to a pyramid sinker. When I asked why the float was being used, the locals said it was to deter the blue crabs from getting the bait. They used the rig for most fish, including redfish, flounder, bluefish, and many other species. They didn't have pompano there , but there were lots of sandfleas . When I started fishing in Florida there were no floats attached to the bottom rigs, so I thought it might be a good idea to incorporate floats . I first added floats to the commercial rigs, but when fluorocarbon leader came out, I made my own rigs. A few years later, I had some molds made to make my floats with the hooks molded inside the foam. The shape of the float resembled the body of sand flea. As for the color on the tail, every fisher-person has their own opinion.

I usually pick orange first to match the color of the eggs on a female sandflea. Then I either pick pink to match the color of a shrimp or natural tan or yellow.

Squid Teasers

The floating squids are used as a teaser when fishing for flounder. They are also great for redfish and bluefish. You can tip them with a strip of squid or a piece of fishbites.