NW Florida Fish

This section highlights some of Dave's catches and other fine Northwest Florida fish:

POMPANO are members of the Jack family. Pompano are considered to be one of the best eating fish, and are the mildest of the Jack family. I've caught probably six species of this family.

JACK CREVELLE, another common jack caught on the panhandle.

FLOUNDER, with it's delicate, mild flavor, is one of the best eating fish.

There are two species of flounder in our waters: the gulf flounder and the southern flounder. The gulf flounder, found in, you guessed it, the Gulf of Mexico usually doesn't get bigger than 15 inches. The southern flounder grow up to 27 inches. It moves into the gulf in late fall to spawn. It moves back into the bays and inland waters in the spring.

We catch our share of black drum on the Emerald Coast. Not good to eat but a good fighter.

And of course the redfish is common here on the coast. But be careful what you keep. The big one's go back.

Amberjack is another member which is highly regarded on the menu, but sometimes it can be a little on the strong side.


The only other jack I would consider eating is the yellow jack. I caught some in the Florida keys, and they were quite good. I was fishing on a charter boat for snapper a few years ago when I caught a fish the captain called a rock salmon. I knew it was in the Jack family, but the captain said it was fine eating fish. When I got home I looked it up in my book, and identified as a Almanco Jack. I cooked it on the grill, but the flavor was too strong for me.