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2021-22 Rotary Foundation Giving

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We will honor your kind interest by cutting right to the chase:

Over its lifetime The Rotary Foundation (the charitible arm of Rotary International) has given over $4 billion dollars to support life-changing and sustainable projects throughout the world. TRF, as we affectionally call it, works hand in hand with the BIll and Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICEF, The Red Cross and numerous other NGOs; and it partners directly with the World Health Organization, the CDC, and the United Nations. It operates in over 200 countries. The Association of Fundraising Professionals voted it the number one Foundation in the world!

Rotary is a brilliant 'organization'. It's set up to bring out the best in people, the best in humanity. It comprises 1.4 million volunteers in 35,000 clubs throughout te world. It's non-political and non-religious and its unwavering goal is to provide direct help to wherever it is most needed. It's not complicated, not diluted, not corrupted... just pure common-sense humanitarian aid.

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