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GRADE 2 - 2.5

A Joyous Celebration

Alfred Publications (Grade 2.5): Click to hear; Click to See & Hear (YouTube)

A Joyous Celebration (with optional timpani and rehearsal piano) - with its bright, hopeful melody and infectious rhythms - is the perfect piece to open or close your concert, or to program for any celebratory occasion. Optimistic harmonies and recurring syncopations in the opening section give way to broad, expansive strokes in a brief, contrasting section. A fortissimo climax leads to the welcome return of the jubilant opening theme. The joyful music drives to a sparkling finish, conveying the feeling that anything is possible!

(The) Days and Knights of Arundel

Wingert-Jones (Grade 2): Click to hear

The Days and Knights of Arundel (with timpani) paints a musical portrait of one of the most famous medieval castles in England. Established in the 11th-century on the River Arun in the south of England, during the reign of William the Conqueror, Arundel's imposing stone walls and towering "keep" have served over the centuries to project the crown's might to subjects and would-be invaders. A stately opening theme, in 5/4, represents Arundel's Gothic facade and the noblemen and knights who have passed through her gates. The contrasting material of the middle section (m. 52) suggest the ghosts that legend says haunt Arundel. A transition back to a heightened version of the opening theme returns the focus to Arundel's grandeur for a dramatic close. Available in SmartMusic.

Dreidl Adventure

Wingert-Jones (Grade 2): Click to hear

Imagine that, at least in the mind of a child, playing the dried game at Hanukkah is more than a game - it's and adventure! Strategy is plotted, risks are taken, the battle is on. That is the premise of this epic, rhythmically charged setting of the beloved Hanukkah tune, "S'vivon" (The Dreidl). Includes optional piano.

Festive Intrada

Wingert-Jones (Grade 2): Click to hear

From it's effervescent main theme to its graceful contrasting theme, this well-crafted concert work will have your ensemble singing with classical elegance! While the sound and style evoke the 18th-century, the writing is very approachable by younger performers. Festive Intrada is the perfect piece to lend an air of excitement and sophistication to your program for concert, contest, or special occasion. Includes optional piano.

Secret Agent Sugar Plum

Alfred Publications (Grade 2.5): Click to See & Hear (YouTube)

Have the cookies left out on Christmas Eve mysteriously vanished? Does it seem like the nutcracker and toy soldier figurines have moved to different locations by themselves overnight? Are you experiencing strange visions of holiday confections dancing in your head at night? There's only one operative with the right skill set for holiday capers like these: Secret Agent Sugar Plum of the Holiday Sweets Division of WinterPol! This clever arrangement fuses themes from Tchaikovsky's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" (from The Nutcracker) with classic spy music idioms. Set to a driving rock beat, thematic material is distributed to everyone in the ensemble while limiting and carefully deploying the chromaticism of the original. A 2017 J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice. Includes percussion and rehearsal piano.

GRADE 1 - 1.5

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