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"MacIsaac has a natural grace and refinement as a performer" - The Calgary Herald

"...he played with brio and imagination" - The New York Times

"MacIsaac tossed off the passagework with precision and secure rhythm, giving musical life and shape to the myriad of notes." - The Calgary Herald

"...technique impeccable... très clair et articulé...belle amplitude sonore...musicalité naturelle et sa grande écoute de l'orchestre et du chef" - La Presse

"The musical ideas were well projected, clearly conceived, and delivered with effortless virtuosity." - The Calgary Herald

"...son jeu possède la vélocité, la clarté, le souffle et la musicalité que requiert cette musique" - La Presse

About Scott

Scott is a classical concert pianist and teacher based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is currently on faculty at Mount Royal University Conservatory. Please contact him if you are interested in taking piano lessons.