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Coaching children is a very rewarding experience. And coaching your own child's team can be one of the most rewarding experiences of all! Coaches are pivotal to having children get the youth soccer experience. If youth soccer organizations don't have enough coaches, registration is scaled back and kids who want to play for the Scottdale Soccer Club are turned away.

Do you have little or no experience with soccer? No problem! The Scottdale Soccer Club will teach you, based on the age level you are coaching. Unique age-appropriate coach training is one of our abilities. If you plan to be at your child's soccer practices and games, you'll also have time to be your child's coach.

To become an Scottdale Soccer Club coach, you must be certified in the age level you are coaching. Certification takes three easy steps. First, fill out a registration form through our online registration system. Then, submit your clearances (PA State Criminal Clearance, PA Child Abuse Clearance, and FBI Fingerprint Clearance or Residency Affidavit) to the PAWest Risk Management Website. Lastly, if necessary, complete the appropriate coaching license or age appropriate youth module online. It's only a few hours. We also have access to the new Coaching Manuals that help you with training plans and activities for the age you are coaching.

Coaches are essential to the game. They teach children soccer skills and help develop a healthy, positive attitude, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Coaching is a rewarding experience because you have the opportunity to build a child's self-esteem, help them learn new skills and just have a lot of fun.

Contact anyone from the Scottdale Soccer Club if you are ready to become a coach.

Coaching Requirements

Coaching Requirements for Spring 2016

U6 Inhouse - F License or U6/U8 Youth Module

U10 Travel and Inhouse - F License or U10/U12 Youth Module

Coaching Requirements for Fall 2016 and beyond

U8 Inhouse - F License or U6/U8 Youth Module

U12 Travel/U13 Inhouse - F License or U10/U12 Youth Module

Interested in Becoming a Coach?

1. Coaching Registration:

To Access the Scottdale Soccer Club Registration, please click here: Scottdale Soccer Club Registration.

2. Coaching Clearances:

To Access the PAWest Risk Management Website to Submit all Clearances, please click here: PAWest Risk Management Website.

3. Coaching Licenses:

To Access the US Youth Soccer License Resources for the 'F' License, please click here: F License.

To Access US Youth Soccer License Resources for the Youth Modules, please click here: Youth Modules.

4. Coaching Resources:

U6/U8 Practice and Activities Manual

U6 Dribbling Practice Plan

U6 Coordination and Movement Practice Plan

U6 Coordination and Balance Practice Plan

U8 Passing Practice Plan

U8 Receiving Practice Plan

U8 Dribbling Practice Plan

U8 Pairs Activities Practice Plan

U10 Practice and Activities Manual

U10 Foot Coordination and Speed Practice Plan

U10 Receiving Practice Plan

U10 Tackling Practice Plan

U12 Practice and Activities Manual

U12 Spatial Awareness Practice Plan

U12 Defending Practice Plan

U12 Defending - Pressure and Cover Practice Plan

U12 Penetration Practice Plan

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