The Student-Centered

Math Classroom

Our approach to #SCMath is to ensure that students are at the center of learning, and the student perspective is paramount when designing instruction. Instructional strategies such as PBL, inquiry, blinded/flipped learning, cooperative learning, and the use of technology should be leveraged with a student-centered focus.

We look for learning experiences to be adaptive to student needs by making them more engaging, meaningful and personalized. Student-centered learning leverages student interests and prior knowledge to meet them where they are and to push their understanding regardless of their prior knowledge and/or experiences.

We believe that learning is a social experience that develops the 6Cs ~ Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Citizenship, & Curiosity. When combining SCMath, the 6Cs, and the Standards for Mathematics Practice, students are able to dive deeper into understanding and relevance making them confident life-long learners.