Your girls are roboticists, engineers, leaders and changemakers.

With over 18 years experience teaching children science, I can offer your girls some next-level learning.

This is not test preparation or remedial learning, this is your girls' opportunity to take flight.

Be a risk-taker

Risk-taking means we try new things,

especially when we're not so sure.

Make mistakes

Mistakes aren't just "ok",

they're necessary for learning.

Work Together

Everyone knows something I don't.

Share ideas and learn with each other.

What's different about boys' and girls' learning?

Boys are socialized to be active, take part, jump into learning. In small groups, boys often conduct the activity and girls take notes or write up the report. Statistically, girls and boys are equally capable. My work is dedicated to giving girls the chance to thrive, lead, make and find out how much they love STEM fields.

What about the boys?

My assistant has offered to take on a class of boys if the number of siblings makes a class viable. My primary focus is supporting and developing girls interest in STEAM fields.