What we offer

Individual Activity

2 hrs, an activity of your choosing tailored to the level of your child.

At your home or mine

800 le

Multi-week Individual course

5 week course in one of our topics, afterschool. Location depends on the class/materials.

1.5 hours.

3,500 le

Multi-week group course

A small group on Friday or Saturday. At my home in Maadi, Cairo.

1.5 hours

3000 le

Birthday Party

We work with you to make an activity for up to 10 children. Project for every child and demonstration included.

At your location

Fee based on materials and number of children

Topics to choose from:

  • Minecraft - best with a group, students work collaboratively to complete a challenge on a private server

  • Tinkercad- 3D modeling software, students invent a device or tool to solve a problem, we print it out and test it's efficacy

  • Forensic Chemistry - Students use chemistry techniques to identify 6 mystery powders. Their final is to identify two powders that have been combined.

  • Aerodynamics- Students build a variety of flying machines and study the mechanics of flight

  • Virtual Reality - Students research the rainforest or sea floor and create an interactive model in virtual reality

  • Lego Robots - Students learn the basics of robotics and programming via scratch

  • Scratch programming - Students make an animation or game based on their interested and experience with the platform

  • Sewable circuits - the basics of electricity, what makes a circuit, and then they sew a circuit on fabric. Their work will light up!

  • Paper circuits - Students build working circuits on paper that will light up

  • Newton's 3 laws - Catapults, Trebuchets, rockets, oh my! We build devices that fling, launch and go!

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