Science All The Things

Science and engineering class for exceptional girls aged 6-12

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What is SATT?

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) education is a popular buzzword in schools today, however it often leaves girls behind. In a class where the loudest, most active, and directive students get to build, experiment and be heard, girls often end up being "the scribe" or labelled "bossy". Girls and women are consistently steered out of STEAM fields at every stage of life.

We aim to resist that current. SATT offers classes to girls at your home or ours, to further your child's interest in science. This is not test prep or tutoring. This is the way education is supposed to be.

Why Girls?

Every day, girls and boys are given messages on how to be a proper girl or boy. Girls are socialized away from STEM and STEAM fields at much higher rates than boys, and even more so if the girls are people of color. Boys may take part in classes at SATT, as we won't exclude anyone.

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Our founder is Lindsay Velazco.

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