Here are Links for HPC3O Parenting!

Links: Unit 1

Lesson Two

Baby Sign Language:

The 5 Love Languages


Links: Unit 2

Lesson One: Conception to Birth

Watch until Minute 4:10

Lesson Two

This links seems to have better information

Links: Unit 3

Lesson One

Parenting Game

Visit the following site and read the article “Starting the Right Schedule,0.


Video # 1: Experiences Build Brain Architecture

Video # 2: Nurturing Your Child's Early Brain Development (TVO Parents/YouTube)

Video # 3:

The Brain - Brain Development of Babies and Children

Links: Unit 4

Lesson One

Movies Babies

Lesson Three

Free The Children

World Vision


Fact Monster~- Kids Around the World~

Infant Mortality Rates

The History Place – Child Labour in America

Free the Children link


And visit the Free the Children website: ****

Toys can be found at: