MN School Garden

To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow -Audrey Hepburn

What is a School Garden?

Community Garden is an intentional space where plants are grown by a community to meet the needs of the community. In a community garden, people come together to identify purpose, plan, figure out how they will work together and with the surrounding community to plant for planet and community. These can be structured as one giant collective garden or divided into "plots" which someone rents.

A community garden is a SCHOOL GARDEN when...

  • Planned and Planted for the Purpose of the school

  • Managed by the school or school families

  • Meets the school's capacity for care, maintenance, aesthetics


Connect with others growing and using school based gardens to connect and cultivate alternative learning.

School Gardening Resources

There is a host of resources, organizations to help with school gardening. Success is built upon the development of community around the garden and the relationships therein.


Support state standards and use gardens to be able enhance student engagement.


School garden funding is on the top of everyone's mind -- from capital to start and install the garden, to keeping it running with supplies, equipment and teaching materials, maintaining it and, ideally, having someone to help coordinate activities and manage the garden classroom.


Extend and expand what's possible with school gardening, whether or not you have a garden.

Cool Stuff

Some of the amazing things happening in school based gardens around the state. Send us your garden story so we can feature it here!