See you June 1st for the 30th running of the Schofield 5K

In 1993, Schofield’s PTO started organizing the 5K road race.  Arthur Grillo, a Schofield parent, was an avid runner and helped create the fundraising and community event.  

Since 2004, the McAvinn Trophy has been awarded to the female Schofield parent who finishes the 5K first.  The trophy is dedicated to the memory of Julie McAvinn (1963-2004) who was a member of our Schofield community and avid runner.  Her courage and strength live on to inspire us all.  

The men’s course record was set in 1998 by Colin Peddie, owner of Marathon Sports, with a time of 15:05! 

The women's record belongs to Kathy Fleming, who ran the race in 17:48 in 2007.

photograph from starting line of road roace